I am an innovative catalyst gifted with the ministry of creating pathways to purpose. Guiding and motivating others to live with purpose is my mission. I believe that I have been created from the foundation of the world to help people understand what they are uniquely designed to do. Purpose Innovators was birthed through that paradigm.


  • 70% of people in this world have NO idea what they are uniquely designed and created for. (Sleep Walking) 70% 70%
  • 20% know what their purpose is or have an inkling but live in fear or unable to articulate what it is (Ineffective) 20% 20%
  • 5% are primed, ready but don’t have the strategic plans in place to execute (Believe they are under a glass ceiling- A lie!) 5% 5%
  • 5% are blazing trails. (Living No Holds Barred) 5% 5%

Personal Narrative, “Takisha Bromell: Purpose Innovator,” A.H.W. Bahati, Writer-Editor, Tacomé Global Narratives and Scripts, 2017.


Throughout early childhood and adolescence, I was a 20 percent-er with a clue rejecting my purpose like the plague.  I grew up in South Carolina as an only child nurtured by a diverse community of close family and friends with strong values.

My mother and aunts understood the value of a sound spiritual life and education. Mother sent me to church every Sunday whether she attended or not. School attendance was mandatory with expectations of stellar performance.

In both arenas, I was often called to speak or serve in some leadership role despite evasive efforts.

My performances and contributions were highly respected, but my naïve spirit protested.


Elevation of spirit and purpose occurred during my sophomore year in college while pursuing a bachelor of arts in criminal justice. Once again, I was invited to serve in a leadership role.

As I delivered a heartfelt prayer at a luncheon attended by university administrators and peers, an anointing presence draped a mantle of passion and purpose around my shoulders.  I could no longer evade my calling. At that very moment, I became a 5 percent-er primed with no strategic plan.

In 1994, I earned my undergraduate degree and later earned a Master of Project Management in 2010.  To date, I have over twenty years of combined experience in project management and Christian education.


I am a Purpose Innovator charged with the task of cultivating significant moments where dreams and purpose thrive. The core of my purpose is grounded in community, church, education, and business. Therefore, collaboration, compassion, faith, wisdom, knowledge, and critical thinking enhance my vision and ethics.


Coaching, motivational speaking, leadership, management, and strategic planning are my divine tools. Personal and professional experiences have prepared me for this path. I am now a five percent-er blazing trails with no holds barred.