Ms. Bromell loves creating systems and organizing processes. As the Chief Operating Officer for a professional advisory group, she added significant value to the company’s infrastructure by fostering a culture of collaboration, creating strategic workflows, and helping to determine its core values. She has a proven process for developing client success.

With an MBA in Project Management from Keller Graduate School, she has put her expertise and organizational skills to work for many business owners, including coach Michael Burt, who does high- impact corporate coaching and team development.

Originally from South Carolina, Ms. Bromell came to Murfreesboro, TN to maximize opportunities that would best utilize her strengths in project management while merging and expanding her love to guide others in discovering their purpose.

If you want to experience what small business transformation looks like, then look no further. Takisha is on FIRE when it comes to business growth, productivity, and creative ideas. She truly understands the process of implementing systems for businesses to thrive.

GirlFriday Business Solutions was created from her vision to partner a skilled team of Executive Assistants and Project Managers with business owners from all industries. Under Takisha’s expertise and leadership, her team assists clients to achieve next-level success, allowing business owners more time to do what they do best – managing and growing their business.