When it comes to the success of your next event, choosing the right keynote speaker for your audience is a big deal! I understand the stress of wanting to get it right!

As an Author, Speaker, CEO, and Toastmaster, I have years of experience in partnering with organizations to create unforgettable events! Your audience members will feel inspired and energized as I incorporate relatable stories and humor alongside a strategic plan of action they can apply in their everyday lives! I love delivering a message with tangible next steps to help encourage and motivate people to become the best version of themselves!

Seminar & Workshop Topics Related to Business

Disrupter: Six Figure Level Up

  Let’s get rid of the idea that you have to hit your head a thousand times for success to happen, or that you have to “pay your dues” first! Let’s get rid of the idea that you have to figure this out alone!  

    If you desire to get your business to $100,000 revenue, then it is time to operate like a six-figure business! How will your business need to change for that to happen? What different version of yourself will you need to become? Let me help you answer the questions and create a plan of ACTION with the Six-Figure Level Up!   

Increasing Your Business PR & Influence 

   Knowing what we want to achieve in our business is the easy part, the million-dollar question is HOW do we get it? I specialize in helping entrepreneurs, speakers, writers, coaches, and trainers identify key components that are necessary for success! We will focus on 3 strategies that can help create next-level growth with bite-size manageable steps that are easy to implement and have real results!

Seminar & Workshop Topics Related to Faith

The Power of NOW 

  How many days go by without pause or notice of God’s beauty and purpose around us?  Instead of perceiving each moment as a gift, we often feel overwhelmed or disenchanted with the tasks before us. But what if we could begin to really see the opportunities in front of us and in each moment? What if we could begin to fully grasp that we are called into partnership with God, and He wants to teach us to make the most of our lives, starting right NOW! In this message, I pull key principles from my eBook, The Power of NOW, and equip audience members with tools to move forward with intentional living, learning to walk with authority, power, and purpose in the here and NOW!

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