After experiencing the pain and regret of separation and divorce, Takisha Bromell decided it was time to go looking for the husband that she had always wanted, and a deeper understanding of God. God, however, had a different plan for her, and set her off on the journey of her “Waiting Season.”  Filled with the mantra, “When Lord, when?,” she came face-to-face with the ONE who had always been there for her, and a new understanding of herself.

In this book, Takisha Bromell, shares her travels in the world of dating with God constantly showing her the purpose in waiting and what it produces. She shares with you, her readers, what she learned from Him during her adventures, and helps you apply what she learned to your lives so you can safely navigate your own “Waiting Season” when it arrives.


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Wow,  I am amazed by God’s grace in writing this book.  I have to be honest this was not my first choice.  I have a number of unfinished writings that I have been slowly but surely working on throughout the years.

On 2.17.17, I prayed and asked God to show me if a person that I just met was the ONE.  I was beginning to like him and I didn’t want to open my heart – in fact, I wanted to guard my heart if he wasn’t.  I prayed that Friday, Saturday and then Sunday I got my answer …God said NO.  And I said OK, your will be done concerning Takisha.

On 3.17.17, A Lady in Waiting started to swell in me and I wrote all weekend long, chapter after chapter after chapter.  In 72 hours, I had most of the book written.

I now understand why this book had to be first, this was God inspired and given to me to express from a God who wanted to tell all of his people that there is a purpose in waiting.  That not now doesn’t mean No.  That there is a cost to making the wrong choices in the waiting season. That submitting does not mean you let go of the desire, it means not letting the desire become bigger than God.   For me, submitting and being in God’s perfect will for my life is worth it all.

I hope this book inspires you to release your hold on what you think you need and want and open your eyes to everything that is in front of you….  LIFE!




“This book hits the very core of human personality of which we all share!  It exposes our vulnerability in the process of believing the promises of God, and seeing them manifested.  The transparency that Takisha shows as she goes through the process of waiting will truly impact your life!  It is definitely a must read, especially if you are believing God for a mate, or believing God for anything and have not seen it manifested.  This book is so filled with hope that it will help you to go through the process of waiting and come out better than you ever imagined you could!”

Pastor Ann Cross

A “Lady in Waiting” is a great book full of relationship wisdom. 

As a business partner and friend, I have witnessed Takisha totally transform her life and relationships over the last three years into that of a truly virtuous woman.

Terrance Hillsman

From the moment that I begin reading “A Lady In Waiting” I found that excitement was building, at the very thought of “waiting.” A Lady In Waiting provides a clarity in thought patterns that leads to our Heavenly Father’s prospective and presence through transformational process that beautifies and edifies the spirit as well as requires spiritual growth and maturity.

Throughout the pages you are presented with development, methodology and process for emerging as “God’s handmaiden.”  The transition and transformation in waiting produces Daughters of Zion who are adorned to receive their inheritance. May we all emerge from our personal metamorphosis transformed into the vessels of honor, knowing your worth and adorned as God’s handmaiden. After all you are “A Lady In Waiting.”

Pastor Annie Flowers

Waiting is defined in the bible dictionary as “staying in expectation”. Webster defines patience as “the act or quality of waiting long for justice or expected good without discontent”. Takisha Smith, like all of us, has not always been without discontent in this waiting season – but she has stayed in expectation. She has persevered through the tribulation of the waiting season, has developed proven character and now experiences the hope that does not disappoint.

What a joy it has been journeying with my sister, watching her grow and become more of who He created her to be in her season of waiting. Though my husband has not had the joy of spending as much time with our sister, he is blessed because I am blessed with my sister and our friendship. We both thank God for Takisha. We are honored to recommend her story, Lady in Waiting. May you be blessed as you are challenged to join her in the waiting season. What we discover, as we grow more intimately connected with Him in the waiting season, is that He truly is all we need.

Jan and Len Turner

Freedom in Christ Ministries