There is a saying that losing weight is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. In seeing a dream fulfilled, 80 percent is the thought and planning that is part of the creating. But in spite of all the planning, if you don’t move, act, and execute, it will all be for naught. You can get within 80 percent of bringing an amazing idea into existence, then experience “FAILURE TO LAUNCH.”


What is WOWSER?

WOWSER is a book that tells you what it takes to move forward on your dreams. In no uncertain terms, Takisha Bromell challenges every reader to move from dreaming into action. She takes each reader on her personal journey from fear of building her own business, to jumping and believing that the net will appear.

Using herself and her experiences over the last several years as a framework, Bromell shares insider secrets gained from successful people in her life. No longer willing to be one of those who believe that their vision for their future is unattainable, she found her path to action.

It all took shape one day when Bromell went alone to brunch; when she left the restaurant she had decided to turn the definition of WOWSER on its ear. Once a derogatory word used in Australia and New Zealand to denoting someone who drains all of the fun out of life, she has redefined it to mean a winner!

Her twelve tips will inspire you to get off the couch, dust off your vision for your future, and believe that you, too, can WOW yourself, and become a doer. A WOWSER.

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