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After experiencing the pain and regret of separation and divorce, Takisha Bromell decided it was time to go looking for the husband that she had always wanted, and a deeper understanding of God. God, however, had a different plan for her, and set her off on the journey of her “Waiting Season.”  Filled with the mantra, “When Lord, when?,” she came face-to-face with the ONE who had always been there for her, and a new understanding of herself. In this book, Takisha Bromell, shares her travels in the world of dating with God constantly showing her the purpose in waiting and what it produces. She shares with you, her readers, what she learned from Him during her adventures, and helps you apply what she learned to your lives so you can safely navigate your own “Waiting Season” when it arrives.

A Lady in Waiting

“This book hits the very core of human personality of which we all share!  It exposes our vulnerability in the process of believing the promises of God, and seeing them manifested.  The transparency that Takisha shows as she goes through the process of waiting will truly impact your life!  It is definitely a must read, especially if you are believing God for a mate, or believing God for anything and have not seen it manifested.  This book is so filled with hope that it will help you to go through the process of waiting and come out better than you ever imagined you could!”

~Ann Cross

Power of NOW

Embracing the power of NOW is crucial to impacting people right where they are! Takisha’s book “Power of Now” encourages readers to be a catalyst for NOW thinking and motivates individuals to get moving and keep moving! Living in the NOW is where destiny begins and ends.

It’s Takisha!

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